L'ascension des Eldrazi Artisan de Kozilek

Tout n'est que poussière Tout n'est que poussière French

Rituel tribal : eldrazi, 7 (7)

Chaque joueur sacrifie tous les permanents colorés qu'il contrôle.

Tribal Sorcery — Eldrazi

Each player sacrifices all colored permanents he or she controls.

« L'apparition des Eldrazi n'est pas nécessairement une mauvaise chose, tant que vous avez déjà eu une vie bien remplie, satisfaisante et sans regrets. »
—Javad Nasrin, chasseuse de relique du Ondou

Illus. Jason Felix

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 6/15/2010: A colored permanent is a permanent with at least one colored mana symbol in its mana cost. Note that effects may cause a colored permanent to become colorless (as Moonlace could), or a colorless permanent to become colored (as Crimson Wisps could).
  • 6/15/2010: Tokens may also be colored permanents. The effect that creates a token states what color it is or whether it's colorless.
  • 6/15/2010: Lands have no mana cost, so they are colorless unless an effect states otherwise.
  • 6/15/2010: All the colored permanents are sacrificed at the same time.
  • 7/1/2013: All Is Dust doesn't destroy permanents. Rather, it causes them to be sacrificed. Regeneration, totem armor, and indestructibile can't save permanents from All Is Dust.
#1 (Jason Felix)

French L'ascension des Eldrazi (Mythic Rare)

English All Is Dust
German Alles zu Staub
Italian Tutto è Polvere
Spanish Todo es polvo
Portuguese Tudo é Poeira
Japanese 全ては塵
Simplified Chinese 尽归尘土
Russian Все Прах

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