Barkshell Blessing Shadowmoor Elvish Hexhunter

Dawnglow Infusion Dawnglow Infusion English

Sorcery, X{G/W} (1)

You gain X life if {G} was spent to cast Dawnglow Infusion and X life if {W} was spent to cast it. (Do both if {G}{W} was spent.)

Dawnglove bloom is a potent nostrum, but the dawnglow brewed from its sap is nothing less than life itself.

Illus. Rebecca Guay

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 5/1/2008: If you spent both {G} and {W} to cast Dawnglow Infusion, you'll gain (X + X) life. An ability that triggers whenever you gain life will trigger just once.
  • 5/1/2008: Whether you choose to spend both {G} and {W} to cast Dawnglow Infusion has no bearing on the value of X. For example, say you decide that X is 4 and you'll spend {G} on {GW}. If you end up spending {W}{W}{R}{R}{G} to pay the cost, X is still 4 and you've spent both {G} and {W}. You'll gain a total of 8 life.
  • 6/8/2016: This spell cares about what mana was spent to pay its total cost, not just what mana was spent to pay the hybrid mana symbol in its cost.
  • 6/8/2016: This spell checks on resolution to see if any mana of the appropriate colors were spent to pay its cost. It doesn't matter how much mana of that color was spent; the effect isn't multiplied.
  • 6/8/2016: If this spell is copied, the copy will not have had any colors of mana paid for it, no matter what colors were spent on the original spell.
#225 (Rebecca Guay)

English Shadowmoor (Uncommon)

German Infusion mit Morgentropfen
French Infusion de solariane
Italian Infuso di Ardore Aurorale
Spanish Infusión de solanera
Portuguese Infusão de Brilhalba
Japanese アケノヒカリの注入
Simplified Chinese 晨华灌输
Russian Настой Зарецвета
Traditional Chinese Dawnglow Infusion

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