Helm of the Ghastlord Shadowmoor ZH_TW Inkfathom Witch

Inkfathom Infiltrator Inkfathom Infiltrator Traditional Chinese

Creature — Merfolk Rogue 2/1, {U/B}{U/B} (2)

Inkfathom Infiltrator can't block and is unblockable.

Creature — Merfolk Rogue 2/1

Inkfathom Infiltrator can't block and can't be blocked.

No one can navigate the dank maze of Shadowmoor's rivers better than the cruel and covetous merrows. They use the currents to steal—and to steal away.

Illus. Jesper Ejsing

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

#167 (Jesper Ejsing)

Traditional Chinese Shadowmoor ZH_TW (Uncommon)

English Inkfathom Infiltrator
German Tintentiefen-Infiltrator
French Infiltratrice d'Encrebrasse
Italian Infiltrata di Batinchiostro
Spanish Espía de Tinta Profunda
Portuguese Infiltrado Braçatinta
Japanese 墨深みの浸透者
Simplified Chinese 墨湛渗透者
Russian Шпион Черноводья

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