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Karametra's Acolyte Karametra's Acolyte English

Creature — Human Druid 1/4, 3G (4)

{T}: Add an amount of {G} to your mana pool equal to your devotion to green. (Each {G} in the mana costs of permanents you control counts toward your devotion to green.)

"The wilds are a garden tended by divine hands."

Illus. Chase Stone

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 9/15/2013: The activated ability is a mana ability. It doesn’t use the stack and can’t be responded to.
  • 9/15/2013: Numeric mana symbols ({0}, {1}, and so on) in mana costs of permanents you control don’t count toward your devotion to any color.
  • 9/15/2013: Mana symbols in the text boxes of permanents you control don’t count toward your devotion to any color.
  • 9/15/2013: Hybrid mana symbols, monocolored hybrid mana symbols, and Phyrexian mana symbols do count toward your devotion to their color(s).
  • 9/15/2013: If an activated ability or triggered ability has an effect that depends on your devotion to a color, you count the number of mana symbols of that color among the mana costs of permanents you control as the ability resolves. The permanent with that ability will be counted if it’s still on the battlefield at that time.
#160 (Chase Stone)

English Theros (Uncommon)
English Media Inserts (Special)

German Tempeldienerin der Karametra
French Acolyte de Karametra
Italian Accolita di Karametra
Spanish Acólita de Karametra
Portuguese Acólito de Carametra
Japanese ケイラメトラの侍祭
Simplified Chinese 卡拉美特拉的侍僧
Russian Служительница Караметры
Traditional Chinese 卡拉美特拉的侍僧
Korean 카라메트라의 견습 사제

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