Forma acuosa Theros Gigante bentónico

Artesana de las formas Artesana de las formas Spanish

Criatura — Hechicero humano 1/1, 1U (2)

Heroísmo — Siempre que lances un hechizo que haga objetivo a la Artesana de las formas, puedes hacer que la Artesana de las formas se convierta en una copia de la criatura objetivo y gane esta habilidad.

Creature — Human Wizard 1/1

Heroic — Whenever you cast a spell that targets Artisan of Forms, you may have Artisan of Forms become a copy of target creature and gain this ability.

Illus. Min Yum

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 9/15/2013: You choose the target for the triggered ability when the ability is put onto the stack. You choose whether or not Artisan of Forms becomes a copy of that creature when the ability resolves.
  • 9/15/2013: Artisan of Forms copies the printed values of the creature plus any copy effects that have been applied to it. It won’t copy any other effects that have changed that creature’s power, toughness, color, and so on. Artisan of Forms won’t copy any counters on the creature, but Artisan of Forms will retain any counters it already had on it.
  • 9/15/2013: If Artisan of Forms becomes a copy of a token creature, it copies the original characteristics of that token as defined by the effect that put it onto the battlefield. It won’t become a token creature.
  • 9/15/2013: The copy effect lasts indefinitely. Often, it will last until it is overwritten by another copy effect (if it copies another creature on a future turn, perhaps).
  • 9/15/2013: If the creature is an illegal target when the ability tries to resolve, the ability will be countered. Artisan of Forms won’t become a copy of that creature. It remains whatever it was a copy of.
  • 9/15/2013: When Artisan of Forms becomes a copy of a creature, it’s neither entering nor leaving the battlefield. Any enters-the-battlefield or leaves-the-battlefield abilities won’t trigger.
  • 9/15/2013: If another creature becomes a copy of Artisan of Forms, it will become a copy of whatever Artisan of Forms is currently copying (if anything), plus it will have the triggered ability.
  • 9/15/2013: Heroic abilities will resolve before the spell that caused them to trigger.
  • 9/15/2013: Heroic abilities will trigger only once per spell, even if that spell targets the creature with the heroic ability multiple times.
  • 9/15/2013: Heroic abilities won’t trigger when a copy of a spell is created on the stack or when a spell’s targets are changed to include a creature with a heroic ability.
#40 (Min Yum)

Spanish Theros (Rare)

English Artisan of Forms
German Gestaltende Handwerkerin
French Artisane des formes
Italian Artigiana delle Sembianze
Portuguese Artesão das Formas
Japanese 形態の職工
Simplified Chinese 幽形工匠
Russian Создательница Форм
Traditional Chinese 幽形工匠
Korean 변신의 장인

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