Shoreline Salvager Worldwake Tomb Hex

Smother Smother English

Instant, 1B (2)

Destroy target creature with converted mana cost 3 or less. It can't be regenerated.

"Before I hire new recruits, I test how long they can hold their breath. You'd be surprised how often it comes up."
—Zahr Gada, Halimar expedition leader

Illus. Karl Kopinski

Gatherer Card Rulings?, Legality?

  • 3/1/2010: A creature's converted mana cost is determined solely by the mana symbols printed in its upper right corner (unless that creature is copying something else; see below). If its mana cost includes {X}, X is considered to be 0. If it has no mana symbols in its upper right corner (because it's an animated land, for example), its converted mana cost is 0. Ignore any alternative costs or additional costs (such as kicker) paid when the creature was cast.
  • 3/1/2010: A token has a converted mana cost of 0, unless it is copying something else.
  • 3/1/2010: If a creature is copying something else, its converted mana cost is the converted mana cost of whatever it's copying.
#68 (Karl Kopinski)

English Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (Uncommon)
English Worldwake (Uncommon)
English World Championship Decks (Special)
English Onslaught (Uncommon)
English Friday Night Magic (Special)

German Ersticken
French Étouffer
Italian Strangolare
Spanish Producir asfixia
Portuguese Sufocamento
Japanese 燻し
Simplified Chinese 闷杀
Russian Удушение
Korean Smother

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